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Rogues with Benefits 2D Prototype (2014)


During this school assignment we had the task to create a fun game with at least 3 minutes of gameplay. Making procedural levels with endless replay possibilities felt like the right thing to do.
This was the first time we could work on a project for a longer time and thus we tried to make something ambitious:

A 4 player online roguelike with awesome pixel art graphics.

My roles were:

  • Team lead
  • Programmer
  • Game Designer

The most difficult thing for me was the level generation proces that I spend way too much time on. It was also my first time that I really hat to act as a team leader, which I failed horribly at. But that only showed me where I was lacking. Designing this game somewhat proved difficult because of it’s procedural nature.

We had no idea at that time that this would eventually grow into something much bigger.


This student project was rated 9/10, which is somehow the highest achievable score.


Made by:

  • Jacqueline van Rhijn (art / animation)
  • Martin Stegeman (programming)
  • Viktor Trisjin (art)
  • Mick van Gasteren (audio / music)
  • Chris Brunne (art)
  • Sebastiaan Zwezerijnen (see above)