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Cook ‘n Share (2014)


Our assignment for this school project was an interesting one: Create a game that connects the old with the young.

We chose to fix these 2 issues:

  • The Increasing Loneliness of elderly people.
  • The knowledge and life experience of older people that get lost through time.

Our solution: An iPad cooking game that resolves around sharing the knowledge of cooking through recipes. In this game you can both create your own recipes and send them to friends and family members and trying them out in the cooking simulator that let’s you experience cooking at a low level entry point.

Do you remember that wonderful chicken your grandmother used to make? Ask her for the recipe and start practicing it right away.


My roles were:

  • Programmer

For me as a programmer it was an interesting project as it forced me to come up with a good system that allowed a lot of flexibility for the designer.
For instance:
If you cook a carrot, you get cooked carrots. If you then proceed to cut them up you get sliced cooked carrots.
If you cut the carrots, you have sliced carrots. If you then proceed to cook them, you’ll once again end up with sliced cooked carrots.

The only real solution here is of course make everything very loosely connected to ensure all possible combination are possible.


This student project was rated 9/10, which is somehow the highest achievable score.

Made by:

  • Jos Tellegen (game design)
  • Jacqueline van Rhijn (artist)
  • Joel Sjouke (game design)
  • Sebastiaan Zwezerijnen (see above)