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My Tamagotchi Forever (2017 – 2019)


While working at Paladin Studios I was part of the team that made My Tamagotchi Forever, which is re-imagining of the classic care for your pet toy.
Released for iOS and Android for Bandai Namco Europe.

I was part of the team from it’s inception, it’s soft launch release, it’s global release and it’s ongoing live ops.
This provided me with plenty of opportunity to learn new things, like SDK integration, managing releases on the stores and client contacts.
Although I touched almost all facets of the game, here are some highlights of what I worked on:
– Multiple minigames, like match three, band practice, planet hop and basketball.
– Audio integration
– GUI implementation
– Working with SDKs like ironSource, Appsflyers and DeltaDNA
– House Customization
– Stickers Feature (make a photo and add Tamagotchi Stickers)
– Tama Tower (All adult Tamagotchi will get an apartment and settle here)

My role was:

  • Programmer (front end)

Check the website for more information.