During my time as a freelancer and as a student at the HKU I learned a lot of skills that allow me to make great things.


Here are some of which I think are my greatest strengths.

Problem Solving

I think using software is a lot about problem solving and I am great at it! I love solving puzzles and tinkering until something becomes a little bit better. Most of the time spotting problems is the biggest part in solving it and working together with other people allowed me to train this when helping out. As a way to train my problem solving skills and knowledge of Cinema 4D I used to be that person that answered ALL the questions in the Question corner of a much used 3D forum.

Procedural Generation

Making content is hard and takes a lot of time. One of the things I really like is letting an algorithm handle this using procedural generation. Of course, this is hard as well and it takes a lot of understanding  of the terminology and concepts to make something that is production ready and produces good enough results. However, when you succeed in correctly applying these techniques it can save you a lot of time and even open up new possibilities in the design itself. I worked very hard to master procedural generation and applied it in almost all the projects I’ve worked on.
My graduation project K42 is all about procedural generation, check it out!


Unity3D (10 years)

I used Unity3D for a long time purely as an assembly tool for 3D models to create really large 3D environments that you could walk through. Now that I know how to code, I use it much more frequently and have mastered almost all it’s tools since.
Superb understanding of:
– C# Object Oriented Programming within Unity3D and it’s complete library.
– Editor Tools like the Particle system, GUI, Editor Scripting, Animator, Importers and Building pipeline. (and more!)
– Plugins like Photon Multiplayer, InControl and ShaderForge. (and more!)
– Optimization Knowledge and the know how to correctly setup and maintain a project.

Maxon’s Cinema 4D (16 years)

I have worked with Cinema 4D for 16 years now and it was the first major software package that I learned to master. Although I haven’t used it a lot in the last few years since I learned how to code, I am still fluent with it’s tools.
Superb understanding of:
– 3D modelling, both low and high poly, proper edge loops, sub-d and box modelling.
– Mograph, a tool to make motion Graphics.
– Xpresso, a node based programming tool.
– Animation, weight painting and rigging.
– Unwrapping and texturing in Bodypaint3D / Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop (16 years)

Although I know how to use all it’s tools, I consider myself a fairly moderate user.

Adobe Illustrator (10 years)

Although I know how to use all it’s tools, I consider myself a fairly moderate user.

Misc Software

I have loads of experience in different kinds of software packages, some of which are hardly used, others I know just enough to get the things done I need.  Here are some examples:
Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, FLStudio, Pyxel Edit, Github, SourceTree, Big Terrain Tools 3D, Animeeple, Autodesk Maya, n-sided Quidam, The Elder Scrolls Construction Set, Microsoft Paint, and so many more…

Programming languages

C# (in both XNA and Unity3D)
Java (processing)
HLSL / CG (Shaders, but I’d rather use Shader Forge)