Sebastiaan Zwezerijnen

Sebastiaan Zwezerijnen – as portrayed by mother nature.

Always pursuing the ambition to create new and exciting things that inspire me and the people around me.

As a Game Designer I entertain the player, educate them how to play or simply have them ‘feel something’: the joy of achieving the impossible or the sadness of losing a digital friend.

As a Programmer I design complex systems that ‘simply just work’ and implement them. From fluent character movement to complex procedural generated worlds that come to life at the press of a button.

As a 3D Artist I try to make beautiful imagery that has a profound and lasting impact on the viewer. From full detailed environments that you are physically unable to ever walk in to well thought out product visualizations.

As a Producer I try to unlock the potential of myself and the people I work with to enable them to do the things they are good at while maintaining the product vision and goals.

Combining these disciplines I find myself in a position to create the things that I think matter. At the pinnacle of art and technology.


Say Hi! at: sebastiaanzwezerijnen@gmail.com