Timetravel Boxmeer (2015)

Timetravel Boxmeer (2015)

Come to the city of Boxmeer (the Netherlands) in the year 1800.
The ‘steenstraat’ was a booming place full of silversmiths. Try this GPS adventure, and play the silversmith game to see if you can make some beautiful silverware.

This is a Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality experience where you have to travel to the ‘steenstraat’ in Boxmeer.

My Roles were:

  • Programming
  • Game Design Advisory role

I was responsible for the game that can be played when you walk through the city.

Download the game for iOS or Android

Made with:

  • Axe Kooi (3D, GPS tracking)
  • Sebastiaan Zwezerijnen (see above)