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The Legend of planet K42 – Graduation Project (2016)


For my graduation project I wanted to make something that would reflect my time at HKU and the things I’ve learned. For me it was an amazing journey where I learned to program, discovered procedural content and made lot’s and lot’s of awful experimental game design stuff.

So, I made a procedural generated Tank game where you have to fight an evil AI that tries to generate new stuff along the way.
I tried to do as much things procedurally as I could, using techniques such as Perlin noise Generation and Cellular Automata. I also came up with ‘new’ things like random value opposites.

Every tank consists of a body, it’s tracks, a turret, barrels, bullets and every part is the owner of different properties like damage, speed, health etc.
There are a total of 74,000,000,000,000,000+ combinations possible. That’s a lot!

Part of the research was finding a way to give the game designer tools that would allow for more control, thus I made a balancing tool that ‘shoots a million bullets with a million tanks’ in just 5 seconds. This tool registers all data to a graph that allows for easy readability and tweaking of this ‘black box generator’.

As it was a one-person-job, everything you see is made by me.