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Rogues with Benefits (2015 – 2016)


Team up with your friends and fight your way to treasure in exciting worlds until eventually you die. Just pick a new nobody and become the new hero of your clan. Each time you play there is a new story to be made and a new challenge to overcome.

In this cooperative 4 player online roguelike you have to work together to succeed. If you die, you lose everything you’ve worked for so far and that really plays well with its procedural nature.


My roles were:

  • Programmer (gameplay / level generator / skills / editor tools)
  • Lead Game Designer
  • Producer / Project Lead
  • “The guy that did the things nobody wanted to do” like marketing / business / PR

Check the website for more information.

Made by:

  • Lance Krasniqi (programming / game design)
  • Martin Stegeman (3D art / Animation / game design)
  • Viktor Trisjin (3D art / level design / game design)
  • Sebastiaan Zwezerijnen (see above)

With help from:

  • Jacqueline van Rhijn (2d art)
  • Jom Semah (2d art)
  • Martin Schiffers (business)
  • Manglemoose (audio / Music)