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Houdini – The Game (2013)


A fully playable prototype developed by students of HKU, Games and Interaction.

Play as Houdini and try to escape from both the cage you’re locked in and your need to satisfy your audience. Will you make it in time?

My roles for this project were:
– Team lead
– Programmer
– Designer
– 3D Modeling

This student project was rated 9/10, which is somehow the highest achievable score.


Made by:

  • Maurits Ariëns Kappers (programming / Design)
  • Oskar Moleman  (art / Design)
  • Paul Levels (programming / Design)
  • Peter de Keijzer (music / programming / Design)
  • Sebastiaan Zwezerijnen (see above)


Download the game here:

Use the left mouse button to select
Use the right mouse button to rotate camera
Use spacebar to replay the music puzzle sound

Houdini - In Game Screenshot

Houdini – In Game Screenshot