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Historical Reconstruction: Groningen 1470 (2011)


The City of Groningen (the Netherlands) in the year 1470.
made in collaboration with Los Digitalos.

This project tried to give the best possible visualization of historic Groningen. Everything was modeled after archaeological findings and old maps. The 3D reconstruction shows 1500+ unique buildings, large structures like churches, bridges and markets. The city is sparsely populated by 3D characters and eye-catchers like the big market and the harbors. It took 3 persons almost 1.5 years making this.

It’s both visible as movie and playable as a game in the ‘Noordelijk Scheepvaarmuseum’ in Groningen on a wide screen of 2 by 7 meters and takes about 20 minutes.

My roles involved 3D modeling, animation and making tools that ensured it would all work, both as a movie and in Unity3D.

You will be a true time traveler and go back to the late middle ages .

More information here (Dutch):

RTV Noord