Draw that line! (2014)

Draw that line! (2014)


Draw that line! is all about painting the lines on a soccer field in a cart that’s really hard to steer in just under 2 minutes. Of course, hilarity ensues when you mix all of this together with some fireworks, soccer players and online highscores.

My roles were:

  • Programmer
  • Designer
  • Artist

I made this game in just 3 weeks from start to finish in my spare time as part of a school assignment to make a game in 3 weeks and try to sell it.

The game has been played by more than 5600 players and has an overall rating of 3 / 5 on Kongregate.

The game was featured on Geenstijl.nl (third link, NSFW)

The game was my very first direct confrontation with piracy and IP theft: The game has been stolen and re-uploaded to numerous shady sites that profit from my creation to this very day.
It was also my very first game people made Let’s play videos off, which is needless to say pretty cool. Watch some examples here and here.

Made by:

  • Rebecca Bristoll (character art)
  • Winfried Scherpenzeel (audio)
  • Sebastiaan Zwezerijnen (see above)