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Call of Energy (2013)

Call of Energy is a frantic 4 player local top down shooter with a twist: every bullet you shoot cost energy which is also your life.
Shooting multiple times at ‘friend A’ makes you an easy target for ‘friend B’.
The levels are procedural Generated and fully destructible.

Made initially during the local multiplayer picnic game jam by Olivier Hokke and me, we kept polishing the game until it was at a fairly decent playable prototype stage.

I did most of the gameplay and input programming and almost completely rewrote nGUI to make 4 player swap-able players possible with proper UI.
This was also my first contact with Data Analytics, where I tried to gather as much data as possible during matches to make educated design decisions.
As my playability teacher Emiel Kampen liked this very much, I did a lecture about this during his classes.

My roles were:

  • Programmer
  • Game Designer
  • Play Test coordinator

Made by:

  • Olivier Hokke (programming / Design)
  • Sebastiaan Zwezerijnen (see above)